My name is Stephen. You can forget the middle and last names – in my experience, anyone who cares to remember either tends to call me by those names instead. Drives me crazy. Call me Stephen or ‘S2′ and we’ll get along just fine.

I am a Hoosier – born in Indianapolis in the late 70s. My mother is a retired social worker and my father is a retired research scientist and professor. After a brief return to Indianapolis after college, I moved to the Ukrainian Village of Chicago, where I lived until 2011. I also identify myself as a Chicagoan, though many natives would laugh at that.

We moved to Oak Park, Illinois in the summer of 2011.

I have a beautiful and supportive partner (Libby), and our children (Archer and Georgianna) are the light of our lives.

My career focus is in college and university administration. From December 2009 through September 2014 I was an at-home parent; in order to stay connected with the profession during that time, I assisted with the instruction of a class on student development theories offered by Northwestern University’s Higher Education Administration and Policy program. I do my best to stay current with the field’s best practices and now work as an Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Chicago.

My sister is an Assistant Professor in Economics & Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Her research includes work on labor economics and higher education policy. I’m super proud of her.

At various points in my life I have described myself as a musician, home brewer, or photographer, though have never claimed to be skilled in any of those interests. As hobbies, they do tend to consume a lot of my spare time. I’m also pretty enamored with cars and motorsports.  I am a die hard music collector.

I bought the Antre.net domain a very long time ago. The name is a reference to Björk’s song “Hidden Place” – at the time, it was favorite song of mine. In French, antre means “cave” or alternately “hidden place”. Antre.net is my hidden place. The song doesn’t really hit me the way it used to, but the domain persists and I don’t really see myself getting rid of it any time soon. I like having a nice, short, rather cryptic URL.